Can you print this image I have found on the Internet?

No. We do not print unlicensed images under any circumstances. A copyright protects an original design, work or creation and gives exclusive rights to the owner of that design, work or creation.

Copyright laws protect the creator’s or author’s work by stopping anyone from using or profiting from their work in any way without their express permission.

In reproducing copyright characters, it doesn’t matter if the character is drawn by hand or changed slightly on a computer program, if a company or creator can recognise an image or brand as their own, then it is a breach of copyright law.

If the image carries a (™), (®), (℠), ©, or ® then it is protected although most copyrighted material will have these symbols, the law does not require it.

Does it really matter? YES it does! Some copyright holders may be happy with just a cease and desist order, some may choose to file a lawsuit. Ignorance is not an excuse and will not get you out of trouble.

The court may find you guilty and award financial damages plus attorney fees. The copyright owner can even collect damages without having to prove that what you did even cost them monetary harm! The fines can vary – some might only ask for a low fine but other companies can be very aggressive in going after what they feel their designs or images are worth!

Would they ever find out? They might not even know if we were to print you a copyrighted image onto an icing sheet. Did you know that some companies do have a legal team that conduct searches to seek out businesses using their images without their permission and these companies do focus a lot on the cake decorating industry.

So now we ask, how do we not know you are from one of these companies?

We pride ourselves in running our business in a legal fashion and if you are part of a legal team hoping that we will break the law, then please rest assured it will not happen at this place of business.

For full copyright law and information please head on over to the Australian Copyright Council website and download the up to date forms.

What you can order from Ice Yourself;
-Personal photos.
-Business or school logos/local sporting club logos (with permission).
-Our own custom designs.
-We can design you something from scratch (NO unlicensed logos/unlicensed images that have been downloaded from the internet).

Will my image print exactly like I'm seeing on my computer/mobile phone screen?

We do not manipulate customer photos unless requested to. Please remember that you will never get a perfect match because the image on the screen and the image coming out of the printer are different. Your screen’s pixels are emitted light. Printers simply can’t print light. It uses dyes and pigments to replicate the colours. Icing sheets and colours can also naturally darken over a long period of time. Please bear this in mind when placing an order for a future date.

Screen shot images from mobile phones are the worst quality for print. This is because they cannot be enlarged without becoming distorted and blurry. The best images for print are JPG, PDF and PNG (the larger the image the better quality your print will be). For the best results you can scan in your photos and then send your digital files to us for print (or you can mail or hand deliver us your photos so we can scan them for you – your photos will be returned to you with your order).

Photos that are taken on an angle or have shadows in front them are impossible to correct. The best way to take your photo is to stand directly in front of the object, ensuring there are no shadows or shine. Using a tripod or some other way of holding your camera steady will help prevent blurry images.

How do I know if my photo will be any good for print?

Please see the table below that explains picture size vs quality. The information that has a red rectangle around it shows the resolution/pixels needed for a good quality print on your icing sheet.

Find the photo on your computer, right-click the mouse button over the photo file. Click ‘properties’ and then ‘details’. You should be able to see what the resolution/pixels of your photo are. To find out what the resolution of your image is on a mobile phone you can select the photo and then the ‘options’ or ‘information/details’. You can then compare it to the chart below.

What is your refund policy?

Due to hygienic reasons, we regret that edible images cannot be returned after purchase. We do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss during transit.

We do not offer a refund on approved proofs. Please ensure you’re 100% happy with your proof before agreeing to print. We cannot replace your order for free or refund you your amount simply because you’re not happy with your design after you’ve received it.

We take all measures to ensure the print is perfect before we ship it out or make it ready for pick up. If we feel that the icing sheet design isn’t right, such as the colours aren’t correct for example, we would let you know before agreeing to print to see if we can come up with another solution for you.

What is your turn around time?

Our turn around time is one business day. Any orders placed between 6am – 6pm will be processed and shipped out or ready for pick up the following business day. PLEASE NOTE we are closed after 11am on Saturdays – any orders placed over the weekend will not be processed until Monday (if you place an order on a Sunday it won’t be shipped or ready for pick up until Tuesday). Our pick up hours are between 6 – 11am Monday – Saturdays. If you’re unable to make it during these times you can arrange someone else to collect your order for you, or there’s shipping options available.

We can also book in orders up to a year in advance. Simply email us to request a booking.

Please note that with bookings in advance we will get in touch the day before you’re due to pick up your order to confirm. We will not print without confirmation from you so please ensure you confirm your order.

Can I phone you?

Ice Yourself is an online store only. You can send a private message to our Facebook page, an email or you can fill out a contact form on our website. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

How far in advance should I order my icing sheet?

We can have an order ready to go for pick up (or for shipping out) by the very next business day, provided the order is placed between 6am – 6pm the previous business day. The icing sheets can last up to a year if kept inside the sealed zip lock bags, so feel free to order whenever you’d like (if getting an order shipped please make sure you allow enough shipping time on your order).

For pick up orders we are available between 6 – 11am, Monday – Saturdays. We are located in Seville Grove, Western Australia 6112.

After checking out with your order please feel free to get in touch to request a set of downloadable edible image instructions (for storage/application methods, etc) for your icing sheet. If you need any extra help we are just an email away.

After placing an order with us please check your emails regularly for any updates on your order – we communicate by email not by phone.

What are the shipping options available?


Standard postage and handling is $6.50 and takes two to seven business days. Only use this option if your Postmen are reliable. We do not offer a refund on items that may go missing or may get damaged during transit.

Registered post is $10.90 and comes with tracking information and signature on delivery. Takes two to six business days.

Express post is $12.50 and comes with tracking information and next day delivery (if you’re not located in the Australia Post next business day network then AP will try to get you your order as fast as possible – up to three business days).

PLEASE NOTE – if ordering more than 4x A4 sized icing sheets, you will be charged for A3 shipping (up to 4x sheets in an A4 envelope maximum).

Standard postage for A3 sized icing sheets is $13.95 and takes two to seven business days.

Express postage for A3 sized icing sheets is $21.60 and takes up to three business days.