Draw Your Own Cupcake Toppers! (Four Blank Cupcake Topper Sheets Per Set)


Our blank custom cupcake topper icing sheets are perfect for drawing your own cupcake or cookie toppers! Pair with our edible ink markers and get the kids imagination going!

Four Blank Cupcake Topper Sheets Per Set.
Sizes available;
15 x 5cm pre-cut circles per sheet.
12 x 6.35cm pre-cut circles per sheet.
48 x 3cm pre-cut circles per sheet.
Please ensure you select the correct cupcake topper size from the custom options below.

Our premium icing sheets are dairy and gluten free. They offer unsurpassed clarity and ability to peel off easily, making them a simple way to decorate your cupcakes!

Icing sheets can be applied to all types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, Sugarveil®, fondant, blown sugar, etc.

Please get in touch if you need any help with your icing sheet, or you can request a downloadable set of edible image instructions.

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